Technology and Internet Revolution

The other day, I saw my cousin’s five-year old kid using an iPad with ease and dexterity. He was not just looking at it, but browsing the menus, interacting, playing keyboard, games and what not. Sitting next to him I was browsing on my traditional laptop, enviously glancing the kid who remained glued to the device. After almost an hour the kid approached me. He kept his finger on my laptop screen and tried to do the same action that he had been doing on the iPad, expecting it to respond, only to be disappointed. Disinterested he was at the clumsy keyboard and the wireless mouse, left quickly to pick up the iPhone to play “angry birds’. Decades back, I had used a wooden board rubbed with Brink blue-black ink, a wet cloth and a broken chalk to learn my ones, twos and threes. Fast forward 20 years, in the present, today’s kids are using iPad, iPod, iPhone, JooJoos, Tablet PCs, Net Books, E-Books on Kindles – A spectrum of advanced devices equipped with the latest technologies engaging their curious brains to play, learn and grow smarter. This is Technology Revolution – Part 1.

If you are thinking I am one rich, spoilt software engineer, doing his blah-blah on just another blog about some high tech gadgets you got me wrong. This piece is about how the revolution is bringing about a much desired change. Let me add another incident to prove my point. Two months back my Dad got a call from a number that he couldn’t recognize. The caller disconnected the call after a ring. Obviously, my dad did not bother to check the source out. Minutes later he received a S.M.S. It read, “Sick. Come tomorrow – Narayanan.”. To his surprise and disbelief it was the servant and caretaker of our village house, who came out of B.P.L. during the wake of this millennium when we elevated ourselves into the middle class with a steady, rising income. He was supposed to dust the house and keep the gates open before our arrival. He wanted to inform us about his unavailability and thus avoid our tiring three-hour car ride to a small village in Central Kerala. Later, I was told it was his son doing his 10+2 who sent the message. An instance where technology has penetrated a common illiterate village man’s life helping him to execute his chores better, when you thought it was all but an urban phenomenon. These days we would give him a call over his “moveel”, as he fondly calls it, to enquire the state of affairs back there and avoid the unnecessary visits. His wages would reach his savings account with a nationalized bank via online transfer at the end of every month. We would later call him up to verify whether he has withdrawn the money. Amazing Indeed. This is Technology Revolution – Part 2 – The Real Technology and Internet Revolution.

Though social networking, information sharing and internet connectivity altogether have much debated and accepted cons, for more than once Internet has saved my life, and my sanity. gotten me out of a tricky situation, reconnected me with my friends, found a long-lost friend and more than anything else helped me save time, money and effort. With millions and billions of people equipped with the power of internet and mobile phones, economies are scripting a new chapter in this connected century. From health to wealth management, Internet supported by technological innovations has accelerated the growth of cities, towns and villages albeit different pace. Every waking day we hear about internet entrepreneurs who become millionaires through their simple, profitable ventures. Information is not just the privilege of IITs, the IIMs, the IVY Leagues and the rich these days. People who believe in the power of Internet in transforming theirs’ and other’s lives wander their way into the world of web that rewards them generously, directly and indirectly. Even if money is not your driver but it is pure social service, then also these mediums serve as cheap and effective way of spreading your message and perhaps kick-starting a movement. When bound by conventional limitations, Internet and technology aid breaking those barriers, giving information mind-speed and opening up the world to infinite possibilities.


2 thoughts on “Technology and Internet Revolution

  1. Very true. South Indian villages descried in the jungle lores of the 50s and 60s I read are scattered hamlets of 10-15 huts in and around the forest. 50 years, nothing’s changed, except that each hamlet has like 5-6 mobile phones. Earlier they used to spend the night in horror when elephants use to come to rob their fields. Now, informing the concerned forest guard is a call worth a coupla paisa and then its his duty to drive them away! I know forest guards is one group who hate this penetration of technology towards the bottom of the pyramid 😛

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