Viper on a Snakeboat !

The clock just struck eleven,
Welcome to the hallowed heaven.
Fuzzy lights puppet its way,
And we all want the dawn to stay away.

A few more drags to serenity
Do you feel yourself losing sanity ?
Counting steps to the balcony,
And we leave behind the agony.

Speaker, woofer, tweeter dies,
As Floyd sings in your Freud nights.
Your feet move to the mystic beats,
Like the howling dogs across the street!

A few more hours to reality,
Sleep induces normality.
But all we want is immortality,
When life now feels a formality… !


On the Death Bed

The passing clouds showered my mane,
The evening sun colored my mane,
Moments froze as I wait,
For the one blessed by fate.
little white space by ouno design.
Twilight haunted the day its pride
Murmuring the requiem it rides,
Blackness clouded my eyes open so wide
Struggling to find the image it hides.
little white space by ouno design.
Dreams surfaced my mind galloping
White horse with wings wavering,
Cold winds bore the wild scent lingering
A soft hand with palms shivering.
little white space by ouno design.
Sinister eyes waited to pounce
As wailing triumph denounce,
Retreating beats echoed in my ears
As I lay with an arrow on my rear.
little white space by ouno design.
Fading glory failed to stop
As around my death bed shadows hop,
Blinding lights approached my pyre
As Gates of Heaven open for me, virile.
little white space by ouno design.