Rise and Fall

A lyric (yet to be tuned) that speaks about coming to terms with your bad phases or losses in life and rising up again.

Rise and fall, fall and rise
Rise and fall and fall and rise
And the game goes on,
On and on…On ‘n on…

Wake up… cheer up,
Lift your head up.
Sorrows are not going to last,
Good time is coming around the corner fast.

Is there a little more of love left
A pain lingering in your chest?
Forget that bitter truth,
There is more to this life than the withered wreath.

This is another one of your bad dreams,
Don’t pop the pill.
It won’t shut you from those screams,
‘Cause you need to live on still, Live on..n live on still..


Monsoon Rain and Thirsty Earth

6 Drops of rain kissed the longing earth,
Sweet smells rose from the mate’s soft breath,
Fragrance it filled the air millions worth,
When frogs sang their anthem in mirth.

The bride draped in misty clouds,
Walked the aisle amidst the crowds.
Fireworks lit up the sky, bright and loud,
When knots were tied with her head bowed.

Horn-bills greeted the newly weds with hoots,
Bamboo shoots whistled like dreamy flutes.
Peacocks danced their thousand eyes en-route,
Under the arched rainbows to the green honeymoon suite.

Drip, Drip, Drip,
More rains seeped the soil strip.
The land can take no more a bit;
Her body drowned in a deep pit.

Torn is her role between the mother and mate,
Tied to a perplexed fate.
To break the knots of a nuptial conjugate
Or to put her children at stake?

The wandering wind ferried the rain away,
When peeped on the land a golden ray.
Once more a bride she became
When her hands held the golden bouquet!

Viper on a Snakeboat !

The clock just struck eleven,
Welcome to the hallowed heaven.
Fuzzy lights puppet its way,
And we all want the dawn to stay away.

A few more drags to serenity
Do you feel yourself losing sanity ?
Counting steps to the balcony,
And we leave behind the agony.

Speaker, woofer, tweeter dies,
As Floyd sings in your Freud nights.
Your feet move to the mystic beats,
Like the howling dogs across the street!

A few more hours to reality,
Sleep induces normality.
But all we want is immortality,
When life now feels a formality… !


More Than A Hello !!!

I never told you,
But I thought you knew me more than a hello.
Now the magic’s lost,
Our love’s frost.
Where are you ?
I love you !

I was blind,
When you were kind.
I was dumb,
When you were a cherry plum.
I was numb,
When the time had come.

Let’s rewind to the days of love,
When we knew the heaven’s above.
We were bold,
In a world where hearts were sold, forever.
Life’s was cold,
But we were ready to grow old, together.


I Promise I won’t Wrong !

This song’s inspired by the film “Crazy Heart” and Jeff Bridge’s voice. Till now, I couldn’t muster the courage to post this, for one thing I was worried about was how my audience would receive it, secondly – Is this really and really what I claim it is – a country song. I used to read and hum imagining myself as a blues or country music singer, singing in his whiskey tinged heavy baritone voice. People tell me that a country music artist sings a piece right from his heart. So, sing as if you are reading it with a guitar strumming softly inside your head. Let me know how you feel reading this – Good, Bad or Ugly. Your comments help me get better !

I Promise I won’t Wrong !

I was going back
Back to where I came from,
When she called me
Saying come back home.

I was feeling bad,
That I let her down,
She said,
Baby, that’s OK.

I was wrong,
I’ve been wrong, all this while,
I said,
Sorry I let you down.

She said,
Love your dear.
Forgive me,
And that always happens in love.

Forgive me too,
Love you so much,
I said,
With a whiskey in my hand.

She said,
Come back home now,
I’m waiting for you,
With your guitar and a lonely heart.

Turning around

I said,
Four hours and a few miles honey,
I will sing you a new song,
I promise I won’t wrong.


Hiking to the Future

Another Rock song ! Dedicated to the last 3 years of my life… I tried tuning it with a few songs and tunes that I know. Surprisingly it fitted in decently. Would love to hear what you people feel !

Hiking to the Future

Three years are past,
What’ve done that lasts ?
Saw my past just mirrored,
But when’ll I get my future hand delivered ?

As the sun goes down,
The spirits fire my blood brown.
Life still seems a maze,
Everything’s now just a purple haze.

Time just flies,
With memories that cry.
It haunts my days and my nights,
With shadows I dance under the lights.


Time just flies
Now that you know what’s right
Don’t ponder over memories that cries
It’s time to put up your fight!!!


Dawn’s just breaking over the night,
Now I’m sober knowing what’s right.
My bag’s are packed ready to hike,
To the mountain( or future) that I like (3) I like I like….. !


*Thanks to Jagan. He gave me an alternative stanza there ! I like it… This one sounds more positive.