I Promise I won’t Wrong !

This song’s inspired by the film “Crazy Heart” and Jeff Bridge’s voice. Till now, I couldn’t muster the courage to post this, for one thing I was worried about was how my audience would receive it, secondly – Is this really and really what I claim it is – a country song. I used to read and hum imagining myself as a blues or country music singer, singing in his whiskey tinged heavy baritone voice. People tell me that a country music artist sings a piece right from his heart. So, sing as if you are reading it with a guitar strumming softly inside your head. Let me know how you feel reading this – Good, Bad or Ugly. Your comments help me get better !

I Promise I won’t Wrong !

I was going back
Back to where I came from,
When she called me
Saying come back home.

I was feeling bad,
That I let her down,
She said,
Baby, that’s OK.

I was wrong,
I’ve been wrong, all this while,
I said,
Sorry I let you down.

She said,
Love your dear.
Forgive me,
And that always happens in love.

Forgive me too,
Love you so much,
I said,
With a whiskey in my hand.

She said,
Come back home now,
I’m waiting for you,
With your guitar and a lonely heart.

Turning around

I said,
Four hours and a few miles honey,
I will sing you a new song,
I promise I won’t wrong.


6 thoughts on “I Promise I won’t Wrong !

  1. An expressive and emotional piece of writing… congrats. But as a blogger, just make sure it goes through a little bit more checks for spellings and minor corrections (which are quite obvious while reading it) before you hit the ‘post’ 🙂
    looking out for more such works…

    1. Thanks for the read and the comments… Will work that…! I realise that I have to improve myself on proofreading. In my excitement to post a new blog post I end up ignoring the text that precedes the actual post.

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