I Promise I won’t Wrong !

This song’s inspired by the film “Crazy Heart” and Jeff Bridge’s voice. Till now, I couldn’t muster the courage to post this, for one thing I was worried about was how my audience would receive it, secondly – Is this really and really what I claim it is – a country song. I used to read and hum imagining myself as a blues or country music singer, singing in his whiskey tinged heavy baritone voice. People tell me that a country music artist sings a piece right from his heart. So, sing as if you are reading it with a guitar strumming softly inside your head. Let me know how you feel reading this – Good, Bad or Ugly. Your comments help me get better !

I Promise I won’t Wrong !

I was going back
Back to where I came from,
When she called me
Saying come back home.

I was feeling bad,
That I let her down,
She said,
Baby, that’s OK.

I was wrong,
I’ve been wrong, all this while,
I said,
Sorry I let you down.

She said,
Love your dear.
Forgive me,
And that always happens in love.

Forgive me too,
Love you so much,
I said,
With a whiskey in my hand.

She said,
Come back home now,
I’m waiting for you,
With your guitar and a lonely heart.

Turning around

I said,
Four hours and a few miles honey,
I will sing you a new song,
I promise I won’t wrong.


Hiking to the Future

Another Rock song ! Dedicated to the last 3 years of my life… I tried tuning it with a few songs and tunes that I know. Surprisingly it fitted in decently. Would love to hear what you people feel !

Hiking to the Future

Three years are past,
What’ve done that lasts ?
Saw my past just mirrored,
But when’ll I get my future hand delivered ?

As the sun goes down,
The spirits fire my blood brown.
Life still seems a maze,
Everything’s now just a purple haze.

Time just flies,
With memories that cry.
It haunts my days and my nights,
With shadows I dance under the lights.


Time just flies
Now that you know what’s right
Don’t ponder over memories that cries
It’s time to put up your fight!!!


Dawn’s just breaking over the night,
Now I’m sober knowing what’s right.
My bag’s are packed ready to hike,
To the mountain( or future) that I like (3) I like I like….. !


*Thanks to Jagan. He gave me an alternative stanza there ! I like it… This one sounds more positive.

The Rights and the Wrongs

What is Right and what is wrong,
No one has taught me that strong,
With closed eyes I meditate,
The devil calling on my state.
little white space by ouno design.
Fear, never bit me, afraid,
Future never blessed me, I’d cried,
Blurring faces flashing through
Peace of mind I ne’er knew.
little white space by ouno design.
Falling out to the traps it lay,
Frequent nightmares, can’t bear, I say
Crawling ropes tight around my neck,
When Crimson dusk wait to set.
little white space by ouno design.
Destiny plays the game, so lame
As I wander without an aim,
Life has always been a dream,
As I wake, I scream.
little white space by ouno design.
Yeah… I scream, screeeaaaaaaaaaamm…. Aloud…
little white space by ouno design.
I have prayed the evil at night,
But Worshipped the gods with light,
Trembling hands pull the trigger,
As shadows hug my bright figure.
little white space by ouno design.