Mortality is a Bliss !

Immortality is a curse. Imagine, a man praying to God the boon never to die in a hundred thousand years. God grants him his wish. He ages only with the Sun. A hundred thousand sunshine in his life. A hundred thousand lives of happiness in a lifetime. Time is all that he has – to think, to try, to become the greatest man in this world. Yet, Come to think of it he must be a lonely man. For what reason does he live for. He walks his life on the seashore with the cycle of life lapping like the very cold waves on his feet. With every receding wave his feet sinks. He feels the sand eroding right from beneath his feet and he can’t do anything about it. It takes everything from him and then asks him to build it again. None of his relationships ever last. Time moves ahead. Time is like a black hole. It sucks everything into it and opens a wormhole in another parallel universe perhaps to eject the souls back to live another cycle. This eonian man lives to see the loved ones one by one merging with the eventual reality of death. Then he realizes – Mortality is a bliss. Think ? May be everyone to a smaller degree has the craving to live like that in his/her lifetime. Before you realize one by one your cherished ones move away from you. Then, does the biggest success really matter ? If there is no one to see you succeed, if memories were short as a lifetime and not taken forward to another lifetime what is the point ? Isn’t the smaller beautiful moments with everyone you love the biggest success in reality ? Mortality is a bliss. It makes you realize that there is only a lifetime to live and be what you are. It gives you a sense of purpose. But mostly it gives you the real joy of life !

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