Pirates of the Night

Night pauses before it wakes,
Winds wait timid to shake,
Stars hide the portrait it makes,
When Pirates of the Night knock at my door by mistake.

little white space by ouno design.

Mermaids recede in the darkness unseen,
Sirens seduce the mind unclean,
Howling dogs echo the chorus keen,
When Pirates of the Night steals my soul from the scene.

Winds whistle the clouds away,
As the black flags obey,
Trapped in a chest my clasped hands pray,
When the Pirates of the Night set the sail away.

Dawn I shall see of never,
As they sail by the nights’ hour,
Fortunate, if I am to return ever,
For light  – I may fear forever.


2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Night

  1. Nice da…keep it rolling!! Your poems are simple yet exquisite!! Also, I have noticed that your poems are all first-person and around the same theme. Why dont you write something in third-person and about something different…just a suggestion to broaden your creative horizons…Keep writing 🙂

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