Of Unpleasant Past and Uncertain Future

Tonight, I bury myself in the ashes of my past,
As I fear the spells (on my dreams) they cast,
Of agony and misery they speak vast,
And I hate to wake up as an outcast.

My Old self is dead and gone,
As I seek a new world yet meek to be born,
The Pheonix waits to rise from the ashes at dawn,
When my life moves at the pace of a pawn.

What’s life when my dreams have drained,
When burning drops it rained,
Chains bound on my legs remained,
And what I yearned never I gained.

If tomorrow comes dark and dusty,
And the paths remain twisty,
Will my eyes wake up misty ?
Will my soul embrace the future so gusty ?
And will my vile heart beat anymore, rusty ?


7 thoughts on “Of Unpleasant Past and Uncertain Future

  1. infact true !!! people have strange feelings after they have worked for 2 years in a company in their first job 🙂 i too had that 🙂 but nice to see a creative channelization of your thoughts onto a written format…i have been struglling to do the same 🙂

    1. lol…c***** tends to effervescence such feelings outputting creative minds like our friend here 😀 Great poem da macha

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