My Dazzling Maiden

The arrows of love rain down my heart,
When before my eyes you stand,
Mesmerizing me with your (eyes) look,
O! My love! My sweetheart!
What wonder you are!
little white space by ouno design.
Like the dawn is your face, sweet and pleasant,
Like the night is your hair, black and beautiful,
Like the placid moon are your eyes, calm and cool,
Like the first rays of spring is your smile, relieving and reviving,
Like a fairy you are, showering me love’s blossoms.
little white space by ouno design.
Your glance thrills me so clear,
Your smile makes me so near,
Your words so nice, I crave to hear,
For once, you say, what I want to hear,
O! My love, you are my dear.
little white space by ouno design.
Your smile never fades from my heart,
Your words never die from my ears,
Your sight never leaves my eyes,
And your feeling,
Gives me a new life.
little white space by ouno design.
Like the night in her high,
Like the birds in their songs,
Like the murmuring streams,
Like the blossoms in spring-time,
You beckon me closer.
little white space by ouno design.
Birds are beautiful,
Flowers are wonderful,
But you are an ecstasy,
That puts me in fantasy,
And drives me crazy.
little white space by ouno design.
The moments I spent waiting for you,
Seems hours and hours to me,
And without you,
I feel hell here, so hard to bear,
Come fill me with heaven.
little white space by ouno design.
O! My soul mate, where are you ?
Don’t break my heart,
Parting you i can think of never,
Come fill my life with love,
And be mine forever and ever.
little white space by ouno design.


Since Valentine’s day is close I thought of posting an old one of mine. This one in particular was written for Poetry Club in B.I.T.S. for the V-Day wall poster. Ultimately, it got rejected with zero admirers and managed to find the last possible page on the annual magazine published later in the year obviously because there were far better ones !

To clear the air this poem is not about a real person. I was thinking about the perfect someone made just for me. Though kiddish and immature, I still hold this one pretty close to my heart !!!


7 thoughts on “My Dazzling Maiden

  1. That’s an image of a blank line inserted between 2 stanzas of the poem… Pic on the title bar. You mean my face (settings) or the landscape image of the hill and sea (theme) ?

  2. Hey Trilok ,

    Never thought you could write so well …fantastic …what if it did not capture the hearts of the readers in BITS annual magazine , that means that your poem needs a better book …not that the BITS annual magazine needs a better poem…All that i can say is that ….On a snow filled afternoon …without friends or loved ones for comfort…with no one to talk to..with just the laptop and internet for company ..the words you wrote could make solitary souls like me to feel good …thanks for that ….:)

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