Venus, Venus; Venus, Venus,
Shining bright in the evening sky.

Venus, Venus
You watched us
Walking by hand in hand,
With love in our eyes.

Venus, Venus,
You watched us
As we ran in rain,
Around the blue lake.

Venus, Venus; Venus, Venus.

* * *

Nee illaamal naan illai,
Naan illaamal nee illai.

Yen vazkkai oru kanavu pol,
Athu ninaithalae pani thuli pol
Yen nenjil vidiyuthae.

Mannil podiyum puthu mazhai thuli pol,
Uyiril kalarum kaathal kavithai pol,
Yen ullam kuliruthae.

Venus,Venus, Venus, Venus.


  • New lyric – English + Tamil – tuned with a G chord – C add 9 progression. Still a work in progress in terms of arrangement.

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