The Knock on the Door

Knock knock knock
Someone’s knocking on the door with a rock.
1 A.M. chimed the grandfather clock,
Who’s opening the lock?

We are all drunk,
With a bottle of Old Monk.
In this sinister hour of midnight,
Our hands will fail us in a fight.

What if it is a robber outside our flat?
Bring the kitchen knife and the cricket bat.
Dial the Police fast,
Let’s fight till we last.

What if it is the stone throwing psychopath?
Five men already mauled sleeping on the footpath.
The bell that rings is his weakness, they tell,
Let’s ring the buzzer and yell!

What if it is the white lady with a lamp?
Remember the girl who jumped off our ramp?
Keep in hand the holy cross,
Before her spirits we run across.

What if it is the woman of the street?
Whose skin blends like wheat.
Shoo away the seductive vamp,
Before the siren drowns you in to a swamp.

What if it was another drunk man?
High in Spirits clutching the beer-can.
Drive him out of the house,
For he might think I am his waiting spouse.

What if it is the Patrol-Police?
Let’s all be nice.
Promise them never to booze again,
Alcohol we will forever refrain.

What if it is our angry neighbour?
Screaming “Who cried here in labour?”
Tell him – it’s the dumb Television,
Showing a surgical incision.

What if it is just a innocuous stranger lost?
Searching for an address in this sleepy coast.
Gift him the map of this down-town
Where guns do the count down!

What if it is the God on a walk?
Let’s impress him with our sweet-talk.
Pray him to unlock our chest of desire,
To fly in the world of dreams we aspire.

Let’s open the door with a fright,
Let the prayers cover us with light.
Slow and steady we swing open the door,
Empty night welcomes us with only a cat roar.

Not a single soul outside,
Where is the man who’d knocked like Jekyll and Hyde?
Winter winds colored our faces white
Now who let the door keys on the lock this twelfth night?

A blast of gale rushes past us,
Rocking the trees and the keys in distress.
“Knock Knock Knock” – once more that knock
A tap on the door – Oh! It’s the stupid key-chain with a heart-shaped-rock!!!


A real life funny incident inspired me to write this one!!! A drunk n lost not so gentle man knocked at around 1 A.M. a wintery Friday night. Thanks to him I came up with this new piece. My first attempt @ writing a funny poem.

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