Kashmir – The Price Of Freedom

I closed my eyes to this violence,
And I woke up to a valley of silence.
Sun chose to hide behind the clouds now,
And the gunshots echoed in different tones.

My footsteps trod all alone,
Where the sorrows moan the curse with which I was born.
There the blood drops pricked the snow,
And the empty roads slept on a bed of stones.

Once moist eyes have drained those tears,
I have cried in your arms for so many years.
Poison bit my thoughts slow,
For a land that no one owns!

Did I hear my kids laugh?
Or are our minds all lost?
No more can this hate grow,
We are not just skins and bones.

Cut me free from the bleeding chains,
Let these wings of peace flap and fly again.
Baptize me in freedom now,
Once more on this heaven on earth.


Written only with Good intentions. Please do not distort the meaning!

This poem came out of the heartfelt feelings for the common man caught in the line of fire during the recent turbulent situations in the valley. This is also in support of the government’s intentions to bring peace back to the lovely valley.

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